Monday, 12 July 2010

Portal Chronicles Book Three

Where oh where is book three?
Of late I seem to have had a spate of requests asking about a third book in the series.

The good news is that the third book is known to me.
The bad news is that apart from the first chapter and prologue, it is still in my head.

It sadly comes down to a question of economics and an active life.
With two 'children', actually now adults, living at home and both going to University and College, plus the mortgage and the cost of living (have you seen the price of food and heating oil these days!!!) I simply cannot currently earn enough from writing to pay our bills.

As such my main focus is on my IT support, training and web design company, LITES PC, leaving little time for my pen :-(

I promise that I will try to get moving on the third volume and I have made some 'life changes' to try to free up more time.

As a taster: book three will be about Swiftaxe, King of the Dwarves (who remembers what happened to him in The Spider Gem?) The book will take place on a new world and follow his adventures.

Sorry about the delays but I will get there!


Thursday, 8 July 2010


Portalia south, north, east and west
To ease the travel on any quest,
The knot, the peaks and the old oak tree,
Servant chains amount to three
A ring to trigger a call to home,
Returns all three to their Runestone
A stone-made key makes up the set,
Unlocking the paths of the portal net

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Monday, 5 July 2010

The Shimmering Gate - Under the Moon version

I have now received the edits for The Shimmering Gate from Under the Moon, the new publisher.

I'll work on these over the next few weeks which means we should be on track for a release of the new version, with illustrations, later this year.

I'll pop updates here as I have them and will put artwork on my main site at .

Friday, 2 July 2010

Spider Gem paperback nearly ready

I know it's been somewhat drawn out, but the paper back copy of the new edition of The Spider Gem is almost ready.
I received the latest incarnation last week and it's now looking much better with the illustrations much clearer and the formatting issues that I raised early, corrected.
I'm hoping that the paperback will be available during August.

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You can order the ebook of the latest version (with illustrations) from the publisher's web site at


Thursday, 1 July 2010

New Artwork for The Spider Gem - Zarn the Dwarf

Check out the latest artwork from Kayleigh Taylor, one of my readers.
Kayleigh has sent me a great Manga style intepretation of Zarn.

You can find it here: